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A/N: Reader Reviews

Thank you to all my readers for the amazing comments and reviews over these few months. I have dedicated a video to all of you guys and mentioned you in my Book Release. Check it out. Thanks again for all the love and support.

Embracing Life -Out Now on Amazon and Kindle

  'Embracing Life' is rhythmical composition of verses that are brave, calm and delightful. Verses that run on honesty. Verses that tell a unique story of their very own. Verses that can breathe and scream. Verses that resonate energy and human emotions. Verses that can bring a smile on your face in no time ,get you excited ,absorb your sorrows and turn them into beautiful life lessons or give you that much needed power to fight back. Verses that can make you nostalgic ,provide you solace or change your entire perspective on life and its elements as a whole . Verses that will live forever! The book is a collection of modern poetries that revolve around themes of romance, sweet and sour memories, childhood, nature, society, strength and resilience. The book is special because every single piece of poetry in the book has been sculpted from personal experiences and bits of imagination. The feelings inked on the pages are therefore pure, unvarnished and blissful. The book is funda


 Yes, I know it's all gone wrong Now I'm left with the broken songs; Instead of fighting all day long, Should have tried to make the sweet times more prolong! We are all tired of masking smiles My dreams look hazy hiding away  Just like a three million more miles I still look away, sighing and lying it's 'kay! No longer an immature teen Expectations in my mind are too keen Wish there was no body to lean The fake moments are never really seen. Eighteen and two long years more, All I think 'bout in my dreams and nightmares Makes my head a bit too sore All of these resembling a miserable bunch of uncertain dares. Counting up the ticks on the to-do list I made Wish I could be skilled enough to get paid Even the hopeful words now seem like a shooting spade! And every time I feel like it's way too much said; Then I'm gushed out of the building of this old city Now I miss that awful evaluation or maybe  Just a random pat on the back rather than pity Is it scary tha

Perfect, Not Perfect

  Behind closed doors when the curtain closes, Too many voices screaming through A few rooms extend to that of a million losses All they are obsessed with what was never true; Stumbling back falling in the globe of fake smiles Every bit so damn perfect ,never fails to leave cue, Expectations running ahead a million miles Leaving to deal with a state of Black and Blue! Falling back again ,pretending what we never saw Still making alive through thick and thin Invisible scratches on the pale skin, they like to draw  Hiding away from the world, away in the ripped jean. Perfect ,ever been so damn perfect Now it's scary to be the odd one out; Just like the fortune cookies burned beyond baked Never gets old what the fuss is all 'bout! That distant world of constant criticism All they do is judge at the first sight Breaking up the bars of the good old prison Who ever returned unstained from such a fight?  An unhappy generation with  happy pictures Ashamed of a broken heart hidden behin

Toxic Connection

  T onight's a nightmare swept beneath the rug O nly one to see was the cold mirror to shrug X enophobia falls weak to even face me I nking my way along I believe is the only key ' C ause waking up to pukes of night before isn't really my thing ! C onnecting little red dots in my memory O ver empathy isn't always the way to let go N o not the end of the world but to set free N ow just a lazy excuse to feel a bit low E nough said are the voices screaming C ursing in my head like any other day T oughening up the familiar fake smiling I nking my way again is what keeps it at bay O n the way to something more precious N ever in a million years would make another fuss. Also Check out: Miss Ya

Diary of a Bookworm

Sneaking over Holmes’ shoulder I silently munch into words, And crawl onto the book holder Riding on the Chariot of Gods; Defeating Jules Verne I go round the world safe and sound In mere a week and reach the Baskerville’s hound. The ‘Famous Five’ and ‘Secret Seven’ make the best of my friend Dozing off against Shakespeare I meet my day’s end. But my Tuesdays are no usual as I spend my time with Morrie And have my bit of lunch with Anne in the War’s red glory, Then I board the Train to Pakistan And peep into a Brief History of Time as I learn The secrets of Narnia and its magic; The tales of Oliver Twist makes me pale and sick. The Diary of a Wimpy kid amuses me the most As I spend my leisure on Monte Cristo’s coast. I am a captive on a land Of print on paper in my hand, But do not be bothered, do not fear ‘coz I am a blissful captive here. Also Check out: Miss Ya

Lone Light

Lost in the city of star Found the lone glory of the Moon. Away you took your breath at noon, To play in that grave where you are. Often you have me for the walk, Looking in old grass with your feet; Come on the good clear summer street Lest you could hear an earnest knock! Never you had to break the tale, Nor could I choose to measure the time  Neither too close! no sad night-time Around me, lies an old black trail. Wild wanderer, from my past night, Never a star with snow and mist. A light from which I stood a fist Across the blizzard and past the fight. The sun was gold. The snow too gray, Pale as a cloud the morning met; Eyes like a full day in the net, Making all sweet part of this day. View us on Youtube:  Shreya's Poetry Also Check out: Miss Ya

Same Salt Chuck

They say we're on the same boat Floating slow but steady, A piece of nail in the heap of straw Doesn't matter what,they tell us to be ready; I say maybe not,just a fine line We're not on the same boat no not anymore; Just a bit different yet stuck in the same salt chuck The same blue with the mighty roar. Few peekaboo from the sturdy submarine Up or down swimming like a whale; Some wave smiling on the double deck Raining or not they have always have a tale. Some roam on the motorways Falling sometimes they seldom fail, Swimming in their grumpy face They love to feel the gale. A lot are on the wooden boats Rowing through the waters night or day, Scrambling till they reach the shore Smiling at the moonlight all along the dark bay. Can't you see the paper boats Wet and shaggy now shakily torn apart Bits and pieces yeah lying all around Look into their eyes,how time heals their heart And then there are those who fight until they die, The s


Lost in the crowds of the busy street Misty eyes as they rung the final bell Turn back time where they used to meet, Forgotten lanes lead to the pain of hell. Remember those barren paths you left behind? How they flourish the way they never happened before, Imagine those moments that you never captured? How they put a smile even when you thought it was too hard! They took him instead of her Oh my dreaded tracks,you love to fade Flames so hot they took him afar Mourning peace bestowed upon the dead.   Busy streets,cars still go on, Miles apart they left me a bit torn.

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Embracing Life